Hors d’ Oeuvre



The connoisseur club is inviting participants for the cooking competition.

The last date for registration is : 7-06-2018


Event Date: 11-06-2018 (Level I Competition)

Venue: BTK/ ATK


Click here for the list of candidates selected for the Level II

Click here for detail: Hors d’ Oeuvre Finalé

Click here for the event photos

Details of the event:

  • Contestants are required to make one classical starter with the appropriate accompaniments and garnishes.
  • The recipe for the product should be taken from an authentic source (Books or website of renowned Chefs; recommended websites for reference are given below)
  • All the ingredients for the menu have to brought by the contestants.
  • The required presentation kit has to be brought by the contestants.
  • Recipe must be displayed with the quantity and cost of the menu.
  • Cooking equipment available at the college lab shall be provided to the contestants.
  • All the mis-en-place shall be done at the venue of the competition only.
  • Maximum time allotted for preparation, cleaning, and presentation of the menu for is 1 hour
  • The criteria for judgement are –Taste (10), Presentation [Plating(5)-Garnish(5)- Accompaniment(5)], Viva (5).
  • The decision of the judges is final.

Checklist for the competition:

  1. Main raw materials
  2. Presentation Kit (Crockery, Cutlery, Tablecloth)
  3. Menu Card to display (Ingredient, Quantity & Cost)
  4. Verify the chest number – Chest Number for Hors d’oeuvre

Recommended Websites

Click the following links to access the suggested websites to help search for classical recipes.

The following links can be used to get the details of various celebrity chefs; the websites of these chefs may be used to find the recipe.

List of Indian Chefs

Top 12 World Famous Indian Chefs

Who are celebrity chefs?

Ten Celebrity Chefs around the world

Notable Celebrity Chef’s biodata

The following are the suggested website for recipes.









List of Hors d’ Oeuvre



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