Boulangère 2018

Bakery competition -2018

The breadmaking and presentation competition is scheduled on 15-11-2018; Thursday.

The last day for registration of the event is 09-11-2018; Friday

Click the following link to register:

Boulangère Registration Form

About the registration process

The above link can be used for accessing the online registration form

Decide the dish/ dishes and or the topic of presentation before registration.

Once the registration form is submitted check your mail for the confirmation mail with a copy of the registration form. If there are any changes to be made, you can do so until the last day of registration ie. 09-11-2018; after which changes are not allowed.

Event Details

There are two events conducted:

  1. Bread Making Competition (Team Event)
  2. Powerpoint presentation competition (Individual Event)
  • The participants can choose to compete in any or both the event.

Bread making competition details

  • The main ingredients for bread making should be brought in by the contestants; however, margarine, essences, & yeast shall be provided by the college.
  • Event duration : 3 hrs
  • The team can produce any number of yeast-based products within the stipulated time

Powerpoint presentation competition

Duration of presentation – 10 mins (8 minutes presentation and 2 minutes Q/A)

Topic related to bread has to be chosen ( E.g. International bread, special bread, history, quick bread, rules and regulations related to bread making, bread making techniques)

Bread Making Competition Winners

First Place – Mr. Devasia Sebastain & Mr. Ebin Thomas

Second Place – Mr. Chils Tonio & Ance Jose Tom

Third Place –

1. Mr. Joel K George & Mr. Melvin Abraham

2. Mr. Justine Jacob Stanley & Mr. Ilayaraja B

3. Ms. Maria Joseph & Ms. Jessil Mathew

PPT Presentation Winners

 First Place – Mr. Prince Philip

Second Place – Mr. Chils Tonio

Third Place – Mr. Manu Babu



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