Chocolate Souffle

  • National Chocolate soufflé day is celebrated on each year February 28th
  • Chocolate soufflé is a delightfully delicious dessert originated in the 18th century
  • It is an egg based dish made with egg yolk and beaten egg white combined with various ingredients.
  • In French, past participle of word ‘souffler’ meaning ‘to blow up’, ‘to breathe’, ‘to inflate’ or to loosely ‘puff up’.
  • It could either be made as a savoury main dish or sweetened as dessert


  • The earliest mention of the soufflé is attributed to French master cook Vincent de la Chappelle, in the early eighteenth century
  • And the development and popularization of soufflé is usually traced back to French chef Marie-Antoine Careme.


  • Two essential components make up the soufflé
    • A French crème patisserie base/ flavoured cream sauce or puree
    • Egg white beaten to a soft peak meringue
  • Soufflé gets its flavour from the base and egg white provides the lift
  • A variety of cheeses, jams  chocolates or fruits can flavour the base
  • Can be served by puncturing the top and pouring in mouth-watering sauces onto it, such as, chocolate, vanilla and for a savoury flavour cheese or herbs


Compiled by : Ms. Jessil Mathew; IV Semester BHM


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